Ctrl-Alt-R opens a root terminal.
Scripts are located at /usr/share/dxt2
(check they apply to your situation and edit as needed before running)
A helper menu is available on the desktop to assist you with firmware & upgrades (since 2.6).
Activate TRIM on sda
Run install-trim-sda from root terminal. Important: only for SSD installation. (Changes the scheduler to deadline).
Change conky settings
nano ~/.conkyrc
(not from root terminal)
Disable automatic login
Run sed -i "s/autologin-user=/#autologin-user=/g" /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf from root terminal.
Refracta tools
Use Refracta Snapshot to create a snapshot of your system and restore it with Refracta Installer. If not already installed run install-refracta from root terminal.
Setup progress
To see what the install script is doing when "Running preseed..." press Ctrl-Alt-F4. If running in a VM just (right) Ctrl-F4.
Background radio without wm (DXT3)
Open Menu > Multimedia > Radio Player and add/edit your favourite station. Enable "Autoplay on Startup" in settings. Leave the player on your station of choice. Then go to Menu > Session and Startup > Application Autostart and enable Background Radio. Reboot.
Conky bandwidth widget
Edit eth0 with your interface name. Change -m to -d or -w for daily or weekly.
Install deb files
Right-click on deb file and select "Install deb". Confirm to install required packages.
Replace grub boot image
Run cp yourimage.png /boot/grub/themes/dxt3/background.png from root terminal.
Upgrade to XFCE 4.14
Run add-mx-repos from root terminal.
Burn iso to flash
dd if=dxt3.iso of=/dev/sdx status=progress && sync
(where /dev/sdx is your target drive)

Use sync after every usb operation if you work with flash drives a lot.
Customising hotcorners
nano ~/.local/share/hotcorners/hotcorner.conf
(not from root terminal)
Install Firefox latest
Run flatpak install flathub org.mozilla.firefox (after having setup flatpak) - at some point this will be integrated.
Setup Flatpak (DXT3)
Run setup-flatpak from root terminal (once-off)
- now you can just right-click on any flatpakref file and select "Install Flatpak".
Receive notifications of updates to DXT2? No Yes