A light, efficient & fast desktop OS

A pure blend Debian base built from netboot with only the required packages to run XFCE efficiently, nothing else. This leaves room for your demanding apps and work process. Designed to stay out of your way and let you get things done.

Features a host of under-the-hood improvements making your system snappy even on low-end hardware. Meant as a light base to build up from. To get an idea of what it'll look like on your desktop (16:9) open the fullscreen preview and press F11. Raspberry Pi3B+ version currently in development.

dxt2-core-64-rc1.iso (540MB)

To install to your machine click the Install shortcut on the desktop. Enter your desired user details and set the root password and the script will do the rest. Ensure only the live media and your destination disk are connected as the installer will overwrite the first available disk without confirmation.

Credentials: user / live - root / live